My paintings represent the pure, simple and unsophisticated presence of our natural being, the lightness and fun that touches the child in us when we do what we really love.

I have a degree in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute, where I learned the tools of the trade.
But it was much later, after I came to San Francisco, that I discovered my personal and unique approach to painting.

I like to bring objects of nature up close for a well defined look. Thus making a statement about the beautiful simplicity of our world and our basic primitive nature.

I don't paint with the idea of showing off skill, but with attention to the process and newness of each piece.

A Zen Master once said:

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few."


As I paint I see glimpses of my true nature, that which I was born with . . . and will die with. That which was there before the structure and training of the world covered it up.

I guess I would hope that people who view my work would have a glimpse of their own true nature and the joy of being human.

The inspiration for my work comes from the beautiful, peaceful countryside of northern California, where I have lived and worked for the last 30 years.

I work to make each day about discovery and curiosity. I have learned to be grateful for the gray days as well as the sunny ones.


© 2010 Marilyn Batcheller
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